12 Tips For Your Natural Skincare Routine and Exclusive Skincare Tips

12 Tips to Get Your Skincare Routine Right

We spend our whole lives searching for that magic skin product that will transform our skin. The reality is that there is no magical skin product that will do exactly what it says on the bottle. However, there are some tricks of the trade that will help you achieve that glow that is so popular on social media. We will take a look at 12 tips to getting your skin routine right.

Here are some general tips.


1. Getting Enough Sleep

The first tip to getting your skin routine right is to commit to 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Not just any old sleep, I mean quality sleep. If you are getting 5 hours of sleep per night, you haven’t got any sleep. Not suitable for your skin and not good for your body.

Quality sleep is essential for our skin. Skin repairs itself while you are asleep, and while you are sleeping, your body can remove toxins that build up during the day. The better the quality of sleep you are getting, the quicker your skin will repair itself, the clearer your skin will be, and the more the body works together.


2. Make Skincare A Priority

Even if you commit to getting enough sleep, your skincare must always be a priority. Skin is our largest organ, and it is inside our body, so we must get it as well as possible.

We also need to keep in mind that our skin is not always working for us. We live busy lives, and we must take a bit of time to look after our unhealthy-looking skin on the weekends and evenings.


3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an essential part of skincare. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and helps with reducing spots and blackheads. An excellent way to do this is to use a gentle exfoliator in the mornings, follow with a scrub, like Auroderma exfoliating cleanser, and then follow a toner.

Once you have exfoliated your skin, it is essential to moisturize. A moisturizer will help to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth.


4. Face Masks

A face mask is a great way to relax and unwind. There are many options out there, from clay to activated charcoal. Face masks help clear the skin and bring impurities to the surface; this process naturally helps unclog pores and lighten skin.


5. Cleanse

Cleansing removes dirt built upon your face. Oils from the face can clog pores and trap dirt. It is essential to use a gentle cleanser instead of a harsh one.


6. Tone

Tone helps to remove makeup. It is vital to tone the skin to remove makeup residue and ensure that it remains clean and clear.


7. Moisturize

Once you clean, tone, and exfoliate your skin, it is essential to moisturize. This act will lock in hydration, prevent wrinkles, and ensure healthy-looking skin.


8. Moisturize & Use a Sunscreen

Moisturizing the skin is essential but using a daily SPF is also vital. Our skin is exposed to the sun, so we must protect it. UV rays can damage the skin and cause spots and wrinkles.


9. Remove Make-up

One of the essential parts of taking care of your skin is removing your makeup every night. If you are concerned with wrinkles, you should remove all makeup before going to sleep. This does not mean you have to spend 20-30 minutes every night removing all makeup. A little face wash and face cream will remove the makeup quickly and efficiently.


10. Drink Water

This may seem obvious. The body must get rid of waste products and needs water to perform that function. However, water is also crucial for maintaining healthy skin. If you drink 3 liters a day, you will feel more comfortable, and your skin will look less fatigued.


11. Avoid Caffeine

If you are a coffee drinker, that is great. However, if you enjoy two large cups of coffee in the morning, try cutting it in half. Wine, tea, and chocolate also have Caffeine which is not as good for your skin as caffeine in coffee.


12. Use SPF

Sunburn is terrible for your skin. It takes years off your life, stains your skin, and causes wrinkles. Try using SPF 30 or 50 every day.


How to Get Your Skincare Routine Started

We spend so much time thinking about what to wear and which meals to cook. We are not doing nearly enough to take care of ourselves. Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your body. If you neglect your skin for years, it will start showing it. You will begin to see fine lines, the bags under your eyes will become more prominent, and your skin will begin to sag.

That can be avoided by starting to take care of your skin the right way. If you do not know where to start, then do not worry. This article will provide you with steps to start taking care of your skin.


Start By Washing Your Face

Washing your face is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. It removes all the oils, dirt, and debris built up during the day. A great tip is to wash your face twice a day.

We carry some excellent face wash products on this site.


Use Your Tweezers

Go into your bathroom and use a pair of tweezers to pluck out the hair around your eyes. When the skin around your eyes becomes lax, it will become more evident. By plucking the hair, you prevent it from making any worse.


Use a Primer

This is one of the critical steps when you start your skincare routine. Primers are supposed to help makeup last and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are many different kinds of primers, and many sell beauty products. There are no absolute rules about which primer you should use, so find one best suits your skin.


Use a Cream

The next step is to choose a cream. Creams are meant to be used on your face after washing it and before applying makeup. They tend to be denser and tend to give your skin a more even look.


Don’t Forget the Eyes

Avoid dark circles and bags under your eyes with an eye cream. Again, there are many different creams, and there is no ‘one cream fits all’ type of rule.


5 Ingredients to Look for When Buying Skincare Products

Skincare products can be costly, and most people have to spend a pretty penny on them. If you are shopping around for the right product, look at five ingredients that are the best for your skin.


Essential Oils

The first on this list is essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated and can make some impact on your skin. The oils you use will depend on your skin type. You can use essential oil for your skin internally, but be careful and only use high-quality essential oils.



The second ingredient that you should look for is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are probably the most critical ingredient of all. Antioxidants help to combat free radicals. Free radicals can damage your skin and can work against your skin no matter what you are using. Antioxidants slow down this process.



The third ingredient you should look for is a moisturizer. Moisturizers are essential because they help to soften the skin and keep the skin supple.


Clay or Mud

The fourth ingredient you should look for is clay or mud. You can use clay or mud to cleanse the skin, treat oily skin, and help moisturize the skin. A clay or mud mask can be used daily and is especially good for getting rid of blackheads.



The final ingredient is herbs. Herbs can be dried, ground, and used for many different skincare treatments. Some examples of beneficial herbs are chamomile, lavender, and sage.

These five ingredients are all vital for your skin. So next time you are buying skincare products, be sure to look for these five ingredients in the products.


The Latest News in Skincare

Skincare has been a very trendy subject recently. Millennials are driving the trends forward. We are old, but we are young at heart, and looking at the new generation, we are pretty happy with that.

The Millennials are a group of people in their 20’s up to their 40’s. This group of people has grown up in a digital world and occupies a little bit of space on the younger end of the Baby Boomers. They are a generation who have benefited massively from technology.

This means they are far less trusting of traditional advertising. As a result, Millennials are pretty savvy regarding social media. They are not as familiar with brands and are far less accepting of advertising.

The Millennials are using technology to search for products that are an alternative to traditional medicine. We are starting to find more and more technology-based products, i.e., skincare and makeup. The “Selfie” generation, as millennials are sometimes referred to as, all love the look of makeup and are more than happy to spend hours testing out products. They are also open to trying out new and untried products.

Previously, society was aware that you needed to protect your skin from the sun and take care. Today this has become far less important. Millennials are searching for online forums and reviews to help them make the right choices. Millennials massively drive the skincare and makeup industry. Products are tested more than ever before. As we become more tech-savvy, we are also becoming far more knowledgeable. We are also more likely to spread our message to others.


The Clean Beauty Movement

It is no longer about looking good on the outside. It is also about looking good on the inside. People are looking for products that work from the inside out. Clean beauty products are created with natural ingredients, and they do not have any ingredients which harm the body. There is no hydroquinone or bleach, and there is no dye. The cleansers are alcohol-free, and the products are designed to work deep into the skin and work against pollutants.

This movement has swept across the world. We see more and more products pushed onto the market. The solution to our pollution problem seems to be the ingredient of natural ingredients. Millennials are at the heart of this, and they are helping to drive the movement.


Where next?

So what can we expect to see next in the skincare industry? I think it is going to become more and more expensive. The companies can charge these prices because there is a demand for the base products. Consumers are willing to pay for their makeup and skincare; they are not looking for free products.

Companies need to get better at communicating the benefits of their products. They need to show people how these products work. They need to create marketing campaigns that show consumers that their products look great and work.

As technologies advance, we can expect more products to be made. People will be inspired to try them, and over time more innovative products will be introduced to meet the demand.